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At Psychologist Vietnam we offer an extra service for companies in Danang. We can assess job applicants and employees for your business.

How do you distinguish between 20 or more potential candidates? We can help you choose the best suitable job applicant and save you money, time, stress and frustration. It is sometimes challenging and time consuming to find the best candidate for the job or service you would like them to do, but with our assessment report and recommendation you can make the best informed decision to hire the best applicant.

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The assessments we can perform are a mix of tests to give you the best insight into your future employee. All the assessments combined are aimed at seeing how people behave in working environment, for example performing an exercise with a group of people under timed conditions. These behaviours will then get compared to the key behavioural criteria which have been specified for that job role. All these assessments together (see below for the options) will give a good overview of the strength and weaknesses of all your candidate. After the assessment, you will receive a report from all the potential employees with the results and findings.

Assessment Overview

Psychologist Vietnam can help with the following assessments:
Intelligence test:
Identifies strengths and weaknesses and evaluates individuals cognitive skills
Language test:
Verbal skills overview.
Group exercise:
Identifies interpersonal and teamwork skills of an individual.
Presentation Skills:
Tests a candidate’s ability of confidence in presenting ideas in front of people.
Psychometric test:
This assessments measure employees’ aptitude, personality traits, behavior and motivators.
One-to-one interview:
To obtain detailed information about motivation, personality and opinions.
Background Check:
To check a person’s criminal record, education, employment history and other activities that happened in the past in order to confirm their validity.

Fees (in VND)

Number of Employees Combo 1
– Personality
– Test English
– Test Interview
Combo 2
– Personality
– TestEnglish
– TestInterview
Combo 3
– IQ-Assessment
– Personality
– English Test
– Test Interview
– Background Check
Combo 4
– IQ Assessment
– English Test
– Group Test
– Exercise
– Presentation
– Skills Personality
– Test Interview
– Background Check
2-3 1.400.000 VND 1.700.000 VND 1.900.000 VND 2.200.000 VND
4-6 1.200.000 VND 1.500.000 VND 1.700.000 VND 2.000.000 VND
7 or More 900.000 VND 1.100.000 VND 1.300.000 VND 1.600.000 VND

*Fees are including tax. We are flexible in rearranging the assessment.

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