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Common Questions

How can therapy help me?

There are many ways that therapy can help whether you are struggling daily or in a specific situation, an incident, either it is happening to you now or just in the past. How much therapy can aid you to overcome obstacles you are facing is dependent upon various factors indicated through our individual assessment.

Generally, the therapy can actually help you with your anxieties, fears, and past traumas, emotional negativity, overwhelmed emotions, and repression in emotion or behaviors. Additionally, it provides helpful insights into the coping mechanism that can be harmful to you or others. At Psychologist Vietnam, our goal is to provide therapy that guides you and grants you the tools to fight against your mental health problems.

How will I know I have made progress in therapy?

At the beginning of your therapy, you and your therapist will set goals you want to work on. These goals can be either specific or general. As your therapy goes on track, you will decide if your goal expectation is accomplished or still need more work and effort. This concept will enable you to actively monitor your progress.

Should I worry about seeking help?

No, not at all. WHO has published statistics stated that in the world averagely, one in four people, during their certain lifetime, is definitely under the impact of mental issues or neurological disorders. Therefore, do not underestimate the signs of your mental breakdown. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. And seeking mental help should not involve your worry at all.

How long will it take for a treatment to work?
The therapy length may last in from few sessions to several months or in some cases even years. It is dependent on a number of factors, such as the nature and duration of your conditions or symptoms.

– Some people reach out to us and acknowledge the specific problem they would like to solve. For these cases, only a few sessions are sufficient.

– For those who have been suffering from chronic and co-occurring disorders, might need a few months of therapy. Therapy has been found to be most successful and productive when incorporated into a client’s lifestyle within approximately 12 – 16 sessions, most typically with sessions occurring once a week for 50 – 60 min per session.

Is therapy always effective?

Unfortunately not. However, finding out what doesn’t work for you, in fact, as beneficial as finding what does. There are many forms of evidence-based treatments for a wide range of disorders as well as what form is best for you. As teamwork, you and your therapist will work together to finalize the most possible treatments. Even if treatment is fast-paced, your therapist will help you to pick out other options that might work.

Should I tell everything to my therapist?

It is completely up to you, depending on your willingness to partly or fully disclose to your therapist. Although, it is beneficial to be as open as you feel comfortable to share during the therapy. This facilitates your therapist to boost your progress in the finest way. We do not expect you to be an open book at the very first meet, as certain topics seem difficult and painful to talk about, we deeply understand that. Nonetheless, it is crucial to be properly aware that everything you speak out will be kept confidential between you and your therapist during and after each and every therapy session.

What should I bring to the meetings with my therapist?
Nothing, just bring yourself. Showing up is enough.

What should I do if I do not like my therapist?
Most of the therapists at Psychologist Vietnam offer a free consultation session, which gives you the chance to meet your therapist and see if you feel comfortable with him/her. You are always free to discuss your preference for another therapist or to end the therapy after any session when you want.

Where will the therapy take place?

Depending on the mutual arrangement of you and your personal therapist. Normally, therapy sessions will either happen in a home office/clinic, or in a public place like a coffee bar or the workplace. Psychologist Vietnam facilitates our client’s freedom in their choices and connection with the therapist as long as clients feel most comfortable. For example, sometimes it feels better to meet your therapist for the first time in public. This is completely up to you and your therapist to clarify together.

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