Children & Education​​

Children & Education​

Children & Education

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 20% of young Vietnamese are living with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, ADHD and Autism. This is equivalent to more than 4 million children and the rates are still rising. The most common causes of mental health issues in Vietnam are isolation, emotional abuse, neglecting mental needs and educational stress. Millions of children are in need for help, but the country has only 130 therapists available for adults and children.

To help and support children and families in Vietnam, Merijn Mattheijssen, (M.Sc.) opened in 2020 Psychologist Vietnam.


At Psychologist Vietnam we can help children with the following issues:

Behavioral Problems
Learning Disabilities
GriefAnorexia / BulimiaDyslexia
Fear of FailureADHD/ADD
Mental retardation
TraumaTourette’s Syndrome
Speech Disorder
Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)

Parents & Caregivers

We would like to offer you clear information about how we work. If you prefer to have a one-on-one chat with one of our professionals, you are always welcome to visit us by arranging an appointment. After the agreement, we pick a date to work with your child. This can be at home, at our clinic, or at school. After the assessment, a report that includes outcomes and advice will be sent to parents only. After receiving the report, we clarify all the outcomes, and we provide clear advice to support you and your child. After our advice, we are always available to support you more, when there are still questions or concerns.

Teachers & Schools

We also offer a service for schools and educators. Our service for schools includes:

Tests Available

At Psychologist Vietnam we are using the following standardised tests. These tests are the best available test worldwide to access learning disabilities, behaviour problems and other mental conditions. Below is a small selection of assessments we offer:
Son-R-2.5-7Non-verbal Intelligence TestCELF-V
Language & Communication
WISC-V-ENVerbal intelligence testTWS-VWritten Spelling
WPPSI-Verbal intelligence testEVT-III
Expressive Vocabulary
The RavenNon-Verbal Intelligence TestWIAT-III
Language Skills & Math skills
CBCLDetect behavioral & emotional problemsADHD-Screener
Questionnaire & observation list
TRFDetect behavioral & emotional problemsAutism-Screener
Questionnaire & observation list
Receptive vocabulary

Fees (in VND)

Individual Session (50 min)800,000
Children Assessments
ADHD /ADD6.000.000
Mental Retardation5,500,000
School visit
Observation, training and presentationOn request

Available child-therapists in Vietnam

Ms Giang


Mr Amit

Yoga Therapist

Ms. Uyen

Counselor/ Psychotherapist

Dr. Katayoon


Mr. Phuc

Counselor - Psychologist

Mr. Manuel


Mr. Michael


Ms. Mai


Ms. Nga


Mr. Vu


Ms Ly


    If you would like to be consulted by psychologist, contact the psychologist immediately for help

    We try to respond in 24 hours.
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