Mr. Hanh

Position: Psychologist
Experience: 3 Years
Location: Hanoi
Language: English


Hello everyone, I am Le The Hanh, a Master of Clinical Psychology from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – VNU Hanoi.

During my Master’s training, I interned at two major hospital institutions: Central Psychiatric Hospital I and the National Children’s Hospital. Throughout my tenure, I was exposed to various forms of disorders such as depression, anxiety, psychosis, across different age groups, performing psychological assessments for adults and psychological intervention therapies for children and adolescents.

Hanh was the professional manager at the school counseling office of Nguyễn Trường Tộ Secondary School. Here, I provided psychological support to students, parents, teachers, and staff, focusing on issues related to academic spirit, peer relationships, student-teacher relationships, and parent-student relationships, specifically tackling school violence, cyberbullying, family dysfunction, motivation for learning, life motivation, and career orientation for students.

For me, everyone is on a journey of mental maturation to find the meaning of happiness in life. On this path, “social situations for development” will arise, with both positive and negative events occurring. How we face these events gives us lessons to harmonize more with life. If you are confused or struggling, walking this path alone, seek out a professional you trust. I am here, ready to listen to what you have to say.

Accompanying Information

  1. Hourly Fee: 700,000 VND
  2. Languages: Vietnamese
  3. In-person Consultation: Hanoi
  4. Online Consultation: Available
  5. Experience: 3 years
  6. Public Speaking Skills: Yes


  1. Emotional Management
  2. Depression Disorders
  3. Anxiety Disorders
  4. Sleep Disorders
  5. Family Dysfunction
  6. Psychological Trauma
  7. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  8. Relaxation Therapy
  9. Solution-Focused Therapy
  10. Motivation for Life/Work/Learning
  11. Situation Handling Skills


Bằng Đại học - Lê Thế Hanh

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    Mr. Hanh

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