LGBT+ people are at a greater risk of poor mental health and wellbeing. As a minority, you may have to deal with difficult experiences like discrimination because of your sexuality or gender identity. This can have an impact on your mental health.

A review of studies on mental health issues in the LGBT+ community found the following:

The reasons why there are higher rates of mental health issues among LGBT+ people are complex. There are many experiences that LGBT+ people will often have to deal with as a minority community, such as stigma, prejudice, and discrimination.

A crowd with LGBT rainbow flags


LGBTQ counseling can help with a range of challenges, including:

Psychologist Vietnam can help with the following issues.


The normal Therapist fee at Psychologist Vietnam is 800k per session hour. We understand that 800k is a lot of money for this group of people. If you are in need to see our therapist, Mr. Hanh, but you are not able to pay 800k, please contact us. Probably we can offer his service for a reduced fee. Our priority is supporting you! 

Available Therapists

Therapist Mr. Hanh is specialist in LGBT support. He is living in Hanoi. Mr. Hanh is also available for online counseling.

Mr Hạnh


    If you would like to be consulted by psychologist, contact the psychologist immediately for help

    We try to respond in 24 hours.
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