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Merijn Mattheijssen 

Working with us

Psychologist Vietnam employees can enjoy being members of a collaborative counseling team of experienced and well qualified colleagues committed to continual implementation of modern methodologies and ongoing professional development.

Working with us, means becoming a part of the biggest mental health care organizations in Vietnam, with opportunities for career progression throughout Vietnam.

We offer a competitive compensation package, comfortable working conditions, strong leadership support, and state of the art facilities.

We expect our therapist to be passionate about psychology, dedicated to their clients, and supportive of their colleagues.
We strive to maintain the highest standards possible, respecting Eastern Values, delivering Western way of counseling.


Application Process

Employment enquiries and/or applications are welcomed throughout the year and should include the following documentation:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Two references
  4. Scanned copies of relevant qualifications
  5. Recent photograph

    If you would like to be consulted by psychologist, contact the psychologist immediately for help

    We try to respond in 24 hours.
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